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This is a photo of Tom Hincz's breathtaking 1939 Hupmobile Skylark Corsair convertible, the
only one ever built.

The car has a really interesting history - after Hupmobile left the automotive manufacturing
business, the car was given to one of the models that appeared with the Skylarks in publicity
photographs during the 1939-1940 period. This woman and her family relocated to New
Hampshire, where the car resided for many years, and even made a cameo appearance in the
motion picture "Peyton Place" c. 1955.

While still operable, the car had fallen into a bit of disrepair, when it was spotted by a collector
from the Boston area. This person purchased the car, and after holding it for a couple of
years, sold it to a Connecticut Skylark/Hollywood fancier named Norm Weid.

Norm kept the car in dry storage for about 20 years, intending to restore it. However, health
issues forced him to sell the car to Tom Hincz in 1999. Tom undertook a complete restoration
of the car, resulting in the absolutely gorgeous vehicle in the picture.

PS: Note the license plate!!
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